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Away at Teacher Training

Please Note,

will be leaving Thursday afternoon 25 Jan 2018 to go to teacher
training with Yang, Zhen Hua at his Calligraphy Health retreat at
Wongawallen Qld and will be away until Wed 14 Feb 2018. 

So my
last class will be 6:15 am Thurs 25 Jan 2018 (note, there will be no
Thurs night class).  My first class back will be 10:30 am Wed 14 Feb
2018.  Then classes resume as per normal.

Kind Regards and Namaste,


I am now teaching at "Fresh Holistic Health" 330 Mons Road, Forest Glen on Friday mornings from 6:30 - 7:30 am. 
The 9:30 - 10:45 am class at Buddina has been cancelled for the time being.


What is YogaChiGungPilates and why combine these disciplines?

YogaChiGungPilates is an integrated synthesis of Indian Yoga, Chinese Chi Gung, and Western Pilates.   I have studied and practiced each discipline for over a decade and been a physiotherapist since 2005.   Why combine the three disciplines?  Because in my opinion their combination provides more satisfying results than practicing any of them in isolation. Each has its merits and drawbacks. YogaChiGungPilates capitalizes on their merits and avoids their drawbacks.


Of the three disciplines, Yoga was my first love.  Nevertheless I suffered both pain and injury after my first eighteen months of practice even with senior experienced teachers. I knew I had to find out why and to modify my practice if I wanted to continue.  After some searching I found several experienced teachers who agreed that as it is commonly practiced, many styles of Yoga require a degree of strength and flexibility that risks pain and injury even in fit strong bodies.  Some of these teachers had discovered the power other Eastern healing traditions such as Chi Gung and Tai Chi, which involves no strong stretches and are considered a safe form of exercise for beginners of all ages.   The experience of these teachers with these disciplines deepened their understanding of their Yoga practice and how to make it safer  for their bodies.  This was my experience also. 

While a synthesis of Yoga and Chi Gung helped prevent me from further injury from many Yoga poses, it was Physiotherapy informed Pilates that produced the most powerful healing effects for the specific injuries I had.  This form of Pilates, often referred to as "Clinical Pilates", includes some very low load recruitment of small joint stabilizing muscles. It required a great deal of concentration and practice, but was the most effective treatment I had found for my pain and injuries.  It is this type of exercise that University of Queensland trained physiotherapists now
favour for lower back and hip pain exercise therapy.  In my opinion intelligent application ChiGung and Pilates is preparation par excellence for the discipline of Yoga asana.  YogaChiGungPilates is an intelligent body-friendly integrated synthesis of each discipline.