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Away at Teacher Training

Please Note,

will be leaving Thursday afternoon 25 Jan 2018 to go to teacher
training with Yang, Zhen Hua at his Calligraphy Health retreat at
Wongawallen Qld and will be away until Wed 14 Feb 2018. 

So my
last class will be 6:15 am Thurs 25 Jan 2018 (note, there will be no
Thurs night class).  My first class back will be 10:30 am Wed 14 Feb
2018.  Then classes resume as per normal.

Kind Regards and Namaste,


I am now teaching at "Fresh Holistic Health" 330 Mons Road, Forest Glen on Friday mornings from 6:30 - 7:30 am. 
The 9:30 - 10:45 am class at Buddina has been cancelled for the time being.


I have practiced Yoga for over 15 years and recently completed Yoga Teacher Training. Despite all my efforts to heal my body and my exposure to different yoga teachers and allied health professionals – I still had some unresolved physical complaints, including: numbness in my left buttock, scoliosis and instability in my hips. I attended one of Ben's Friday evening classes almost by accident, because I was too late for my intended class. I had significant relief immediately and regained feeling in my left buttock from decreasing pressure on my sciatic nerve. Ben's knowledge and understanding of human anatomy from his Physiotherapy background enables him to create a style of Yoga which is safe and therapeutic for the body. He is not afraid to challenge some of the wonderfully elegant but seriously unsafe practices of Yoga.


Ben's focus is not on creating beautiful symmetrical and dance like poses of Yoga which are often referred to as "correct alignment". Instead his focus is on ensuring that every pose enhances the body. He will not skip over the detail to keep the 'flow' of the class going, he will make sure that every person understands how to do the pose safely, as doing poses incorrectly will not benefit the body - this is more important than the ethereal idea of a 'flowing' class.


I recently flew all the way from Mackay to attend Ben's Anatomy Workshop and I was not disappointed. A great reality check for Yogis everywhere.


Rebecca, Yoga Teacher, Mackay